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The deep sea water industry is a new growth engine and green industry of the 21st century in the era of water!

Manufacturing drinkable deep sea water, Bonded warehouse business, 
								Deep sea water source-related business, Deep sea water salt manufacturing

There is no deep sea water in Korea’s western or southern seas, which are continental shelf regions, but this water can be found in its eastern sea, where the water is deep and surrounded by continental slopes. For its superb low-temperature stability, it is known as unique East Sea water, globally recognized for its distinct quality. The deep sea water industry is a traditionally integrated, knowledge-intensive industry employing specialized knowledge from analytical chemistry, biochemistry, biology, food engineering, nutrition, physiology, pharmacy, and medicine as well as marine science. It is expected to increasingly become a new growth engine representing green industries in line with a new paradigm of health and environment.

1)Healthy water 2)Tasty water 3)Fresh water

Global Deep Sea Water Co., Ltd. specializes in developing deep sea water, renowned for its potential as a clean resource of the future, for diverse purposes and is located in Sokcho, Gangwon-do, a beautiful clean city surrounded by mountains, lakes, and the East Sea.

Equipped with the largest deep sea water intake capability of 30,000 tons per day and recognized for its advanced deep sea water industrial prowess, Global Deep Sea Water is helping to build an innovative marine product distribution infrastructure, including live fish preservation facility and freezing, refrigeration, and ice manufacturing, while employing state-of-the-art facilities of all types to manufacture deep sea water to drink, deep sea water salt, and edible ice to broaden the new horizon of the deep sea water industry.

An affiliate of Daehan Flour Mills Co., Ltd., best known for its “Gom pyo” flour, Global Deep Sea Water will continue to strive to be the best it can be based on its philosophy of supporting customers’ happiness and putting customers first while building a sustainable business as a beautiful company many will love.

From everyone at Global Deep Sea Water.