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GLOBAL DEEP SEA WATERDaehan Flour Mills Group, Harmony for Dietary Culture

Daehan is not just a simple combination of different businesses. Daehan Silo, responsible for the unloading and harbor storage of imported grains; Daehan Feed, manufacturing compounded feed and processed meat; DH Vital Feed, manufacturing and selling liquid feed for livestock; and Daehan Flour Mills, manufacturing and selling flour and premixed products, are all organically related through raw material supply, cargo storage, manufacturing, and distribution for the sole highest value of the citizens’ health. In reflection of the corporate ideology of food supply surviving since 1952, Daehan will continue to offer its support to sustaining a safe, high-quality food culture to improve Koreans’ quality of life.

  • 대한제분
  • 대한사료
  • 디앤비컴퍼니
  • 글로벌심층수
  • DH 바이탈 피드
  • 대한싸이로
  • 디비에스