Deep Sea Water

GLOBAL DEEP SEA WATERFields of Use for Deep Sea Water

Deep sea water is independent sea water 200 meters below sea level where no sunlight can reach. With a wealth of inorganic salts dissolved in it, deep sea water is utilized throughout the energy, food, health, beauty, tourism, and leisure sectors as well as drinking water. Further advanced research is underway in most fields.

Fields of Use for Deep Sea Water
Fields of Use for Deep Sea Water
Classification Area Details
Agriculture Development of environmentally-friendly crop cultivation fertilizer (culture fluid),
soil improvement, and cultivation of special crops for hydroponic cultivation, among others High value-added agricultural products and organic farming
Fisheries Resource development projects such as marine products, cultivation, preservation, seaweed cultivation, oceanic fertilization (prevention of bleaching), fertilization of fisheries, cultivation of low-temperature phytoplankton, and cultivation of marine organisms
Water Alternative for the era of water shortage, mineral water, drinking water, and dietary supplement drinks development
Salt Good-quality salt for well-being
Ice Manufacturing Deep sea water ice (edible ice and sea water ice to preserve freshness)
Food Food - rice, tofu, kimchi, liquor, sauce and oil, various processed fish products, confectioneries, bakery, noodles, frozen desserts, beverages, and fermented food, among others Development of environmentally-friendly, high value added, and functional foods, among others
Medicines Pharmaceuticals, including diabetes, constipation, dialysis agents, Ringer's solution, distilled water, and physiologically active water
Beauty Cosmetics, moisturizers, shampoo, and bath salts, among others
Resources Rare metal and new material excavation
Energy Development of new and renewable energy (thermal difference generation and thermal energy utilization) utilization system
Bio Scientifically developed bio products based on systems of integrated knowledge across diverse areas, ranging from marine science, such as basic research of deep sea water and development of useful mineral concentration technology, to biology, chemistry, food engineering, nutrition, physiology, and immune function, among others
Distribution Creation of new value and strengthening of profitability, marketability, and stability based on infrastructure utilizing deep sea water across diverse industries, including live fisheries distribution, trade (bonded warehouse), and fish preservation, among others
Medicine/Health Healthcare businesses such as sea water therapy, sea water baths, and spas for stress relief and purification of mind and body (prevention and efficacy across many areas such as rheumatism, dermatitis, abnormal immunity, abnormal metabolism, and nervous system and circulatory disorders are proven in developed countries).
Recreation Development of ecological, environmentally-friendly clean towns related to deep sea water