Deep Sea Water

GLOBAL DEEP SEA WATERIntroducing Deep Sea Water

Deep sea water is independent sea water 200 meters below sea level where no sunlight can reach. The term generally refers to the sea water whose precipitation was caused by the temperature difference of offshore Greenland and the Antarctic Ocean. There is a marked difference in density with surface sea water, ensuring that deep sea water does not mix with any other and forms a vast independent deep sea water belt, further mobilizing and circulating by currents other than those of surface sea water. Deep sea water is a magnificent gift of the sea, rich in minerals our body needs, especially magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

What is Deep Sea Water?

Approximately two thirds of the earth is covered with sea water. Sea water never rots as 96% of it is water and 4% salt and minerals. Toxic materials including industrial wastewater, factory wastewater, heavy metals, and mercury flow in, but the sea heals itself with the 4% of salt and minerals entirely on its own. A fetus’ waste does not affect the fetus inside the amniotic fluid because amniotic fluid has the identical composition as sea water. “Mineral Deep Sea Water Sustaining Life” by Deok Mo Sung

Deep sea water is classified into surface sea water at depths reached by sunlight required for general photosynthesis (approximately 200 meters), and deep water out of sunlight’s reach. The latter is called <deep sea water.>

Deep sea water comes from only two points on earth: offshore Greenland and the Antarctic Ocean. Temperature differences drive the deep sea water to move from cold to warm regions, taking approximately 2,000 years to fully circulate through the entire earth. As mysterious as it is, ecosystems surviving through millennia mature the deep sea water, which is ionic water from Mother Nature.

Deep sea water originated from Greenland and Antarctica and circulates in the North Pacific in cycles of 1,000-2,000 years.
The deep sea water of the East Sea also formed its independent belt, circulating through 700-1,000 years. Testing results indicate that
East Sea deep sea water’s mineral and dissolved oxygen content is higher than those from the United States, Japan, and other countries,
while maintaining a significantly lower temperature.

5 Characteristics of Deep Sea Water

Deep sea water is classified as the world’s cleanest sea water for its five characteristics.

Deep Sea Water Comparison

The East Sea’s deep sea water is low in temperature and high in dissolved oxygen content relative to that of other countries.