Deep Sea Water

GLOBAL DEEP SEA WATERBenefits of Deep Sea Water Minerals

Essential for sustaining human life, minerals are among the five most essential nutrients: protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. 70% of the human body comprises water, carbon, and hydrogen, with 3.5 to 4% minerals. In order for the minerals to be fully absorbed and used in the human body, however, the mineral balance matters tremendously as it prevents various heavy metals from absorption and facilitates excretion to further prevent diseases of all types as a consequence of heavy metal poisoning inside the human body.

It is best to Drink Water
before you feel Thirsty,
whenever that may be.
Changing water alone
does your Body good.

1.Adult Disease Prevention
Reduced atherosclerosis, cardiac infarction, and causes of cerebral infarction as a result of reduced blood cholesterol and cognitive mass
2.Skin Protection
Dermatitis, allergy, and atopic improvement and prevention
3.Metabolism Promotion
Elimination of active oxygen inside the body, prevention of oxidation and aging, and prevention of cancer
4.Skeletal Muscle Operation
Strengthening of cell membranes, bones, and teeth and prevention of osteoporosis
5.Vitamin Activation
Vitamins synergized inside the body as a result of the well-achieved mineral balance
6.pH Balance Maintenance
Blood and body fluids are kept clean, while the immune system is enhanced to maintain the acidic constitution as a weak alkaline constitution
Minerals in Deep Sea Water:
How Do They Help Your Body?
Mineral Content of Deep Sea Water vs. Ordinary Sea Water
Its mineral (Mg, Ca, K) content is higher than that of general mineral water, and its magnesium, calcium, and potassium (3:1:1) ratio resembles that of fluids in the human body.

Deeps와 일반생수 함량비교 그래프
  1. 01.Drinking Efficacy

    Drinking deep sea water for 3 months led to reduced
    atherosclerosis, cardiac infarction, and causes of cerebral
    infarction as a result of reduced blood cholesterol and
    cognitive mass. (Research results of Dr. Suzuki of Japan in 1996.)

  2. 02.Skin Efficacy

    The activity of skin collagen (skin cell) production improved
    in correlation with deep sea water concentration.
    (Shuemura of Japan in 1996.)

  3. 03.Fermentation Efficacy

    Higher yeast activity than that of tap and other waters
    was found and improved the presence of aspergillus, yeast,
    and growth effect. (Uehigashi of Japan in 1996.)

3:1:1 Mineral Balance

해양심층수의 성분;과 인체 체액성분 비교

Benefits of Deep Sea Water Minerals

  1. 1Magnesium – activates enzymes, facilitates metabolism, activates muscular nervous system, and regulates hormones
  2. 2Calcium – forms bones and teeth and strengthens musculoskeletal and enzymatic operation (helps to absorb magnesium)
  3. 3Potassium – regulates body water and blood pressure as a result of sodium excretion
  4. 4Iron – generates hemoglobin and removes active oxygen and neurotransmitters
  5. 5Zinc – enhances immunity and stamina, facilitates growth, prevents aging, and improves diabetes control
  6. 6Manganese – facilitates sugar and lipid metabolism and is effective against protein and DNA synthesis

Deep Sea WaterNatural minerals are indispensable for these people!

Infants who need to feed on water
or breast milk for minerals
Deep sea water not only dissolves well,
but also facilitates digestion and
absorption for infants with weak intestines. Natural minerals of deep sea water are well ionized.
Pregnant women in need of systematic
nutritional care
Many side effects from the lack of minerals result
during pregnancy. Most minerals are needed as
the fetus absorbs the minerals from the mother. Deep sea water is very rich in natural minerals such as Mg:Ca:K.
The middle-aged struggling with
blood circulation disorders
The magnesium dissolved in the
deep sea water is a natural mineral essential
for enhancing the cardiovascular function. Deep sea water contains a large quantity of magnesium.
Modern men suffering from overworking,
drinking, and smoking
The magnesium dissolved in the deep sea water
suppresses stress and fatigue. Abundant intake of 2 L per day ensures the
balanced metabolism of the human body.