• Deep Sea Drinking Water

  • Deep Sea Drinking Water

Origin Of Life , Gift Of The Sea.What Is Deep Sea Water?

  • 200m Underwater
  • Natural Minerals
  • Fresh Seawater

Sea water from 200m or deeper is called deep sea water.
It runs far beneath the waves where sunlight does not reach.
It is fresh seawater, clean and rich in natural minerals known
to be essential for the human body.
The mineral balance of the deep sea water (Mg:Ca:K=3:1:1) resembles that of fluids in the human body and aids metabolism.

Deep Sea Water

Natural mineralsAre Indispensable For These People!

Infants who need to feed on water or breast milk for
Deep sea water not only dissolves well, but also facilitates digestion
and absorption for infants with weak intestines. Natural minerals of
deep sea water are well ionized.
Pregnant women in need of systematic nutritional care
Many side effects from the lack of minerals result during pregnancy.
Most minerals are needed as the fetus absorbs the minerals from the
mother. Deep sea water is very rich in natural minerals such as Mg:Ca:K.
The middle-aged struggling with blood circulation
The magnesium dissolved in the deep sea water is a natural mineral
essential for enhancing the cardiovascular function.
Deep sea water contains a large quantity of magnesium.
Modern men suffering from overworking, drinking,
and smoking
The magnesium dissolved in the deep sea water suppresses stress and
fatigue. Abundant intake of 2 L per day ensures the balanced metabolism
of the human body.

What water is good for your body?

The golden mineral ratio of magnesium to calcium to potassium (3:1:1) resembles that of fluids in the human body.
Natural minerals help prevent constipation, cholesterol, hangovers, and adult diseases while reducing blood clotting and driving metabolism to enhance blood circulation and prevent arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure. They also activate antioxidant enzymes to help prevent and ameliorate skin aging and moisturization, thereby demonstrating efficacy in atopic and other skin disease treatment. Calcium and phosphorus are needed to form and maintain bones and teeth, whereas iron is needed to produce hemoglobin that carries enzymes. As such, minerals play an invaluable role in forming the human body.